Saturday, 1 December 2018

Vivo's next premium smartphone will have two screens

Vivo's next premium smartphone will have two screens

Chinese smartphone maker Viva will launch its next flagship smartphone in the month of December. The device will be known as Vivo Nex 2. At the moment an unboxing video shows some fresh leaks from this phone. Vivo Nex 2 will be Viva Nex's next model of its previous version. When Vivo Nex was launched, the phone's specialty was its pop up camera.

If you talk about Vivo Nex 2, then according to a post on Chinese social networking site Weibo, this phone will be highlighted by its two screens. With the help of this feature, the phone will have a dual-screen phone. There will be no Nokia facility on the phone. The second screen of the phone will be under triple rear camera setup. Please tell that no separate camera will be given in the phone. Yes, the rear camera will be used as the front camera only.

Let us say that Vivo's dual-screen concept phone is exactly like the Nubia X smartphone, which was launched last year in China at a price of Rs 35,000. The front camera was not given in the handset, but with the help of the rear camera, there was the facility of selfie. Although it is still not confirmed when the device will be launched in the Indian market. Or will these phones come in Indian market?

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