Sunday, 2 December 2018

Google Hangout will be closed for users by 2020

Google Hangout will be closed for users by 2020

From Gmail to Maps and from Drive to YouTube, all digital services are performing exceptionally well. Although California based technology is known to remove users from their product. In the month of October this year, Google had announced that it was going to shut down Google + forever, which started in 2003 as a Google Talk back.

9to5 According to Google's report, it will shut down this service forever for 2020 by its users. Last year, Google had changed the Hangout chat to a Hangout meeting, where focus was on concentrating products. During this time, the company came with Hangouts chats, which was a talk-off platform like Slack. According to the report, both products are part of the G-suite.

Please note that after shutting down this service, users do not have any better option because there is no other best app in the market right now than this service. Google has many digital services like Allo and Duo but both have not performed as expected by the company. The company has already announced that it will soon come to bring the Rich Communications Service into the Android Message App, but so far nothing has happened.

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