Tuesday, 4 December 2018

gmail password recovery

how to Recover Gmail Password

Many times it happens to us when we try to log in to our Google Account but we can not log in. Because we either put our password incorrectly or forget it. But worse than that when we use the same password for Gmail too. But more dangerous than this happens when a hacker hacks his account and changes his password. Some people use the third party app where they store their passwords. But many people do not know how to set a new password if forgot the password or if the hack is hacked.

1. For this, first of all have to click 'Forgotten Password'.

2. Do not put it in remembrance of past password or click on 'Try another way' option.

3. After this, Google will ask you if they send notifications to your mobile number which is linked to your account.

4. If you do not have that phone number, then Google will send that verification code to your e-mail id. If you do not have an email ID then click 'Try another way' once again.

5. After that Google will ask you any email id that is close to you. After this, you will send confirmation code to your verification code.

6. Once the code is found, insert it into the dialog box.

7. After that you can use your Gmail account.

Note: Always change your password and keep it in a safe place where it is not prone to hack. You can choose to save password in Chrome for this. You will not need to log in.

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