Wednesday, 19 December 2018

India ranked 111th in mobile internet ranking,fast internet service

India ranked 111th in mobile internet ranking, while 65th place in fixed line broadband

fast internet service,India has achieved 111th position in the mobile internet speed in 123 countries, in terms of fixed line broadband internet speed, it has been ranked 65th out of a total of 126 countries. This ranking was disclosed under the SpeedTest Global Index, November 2018, which has been reported through Ookla,fast internet service

fast internet service,India's rankings are slightly lower in the global average speed global and average speed. Global broadband internet's global average download speed is 24.40 Mbps. Where India gets 9.93 Mbps speed On the other hand, the speed of global fixed-line broadband is 52.16 Mbps, where India receives only 26.46 Mbps.

In the year 2018, India has been ranked 109th in the mobile internet, while 67th place in broadband case. During this period, the average Internet speed was 9.01 Mbps, which was 9.93 Mbps in November last year. There was an increase in broadband where the last year was 20.72 Mbps, while the speed now is 26.46 Mbps,fast internet service
This report covers 3333 different user test results, including broadband and test of 670 mobile internet users.

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