Thursday, 6 December 2018

Whatsapp Payment Service

Whatsapp Payment Service

While WhatsApp was just a messaging app earlier, the messaging platform is now becoming an app where new features are being added daily. Now on this app you can do video calls, calls, stickers and other important things in addition to the message. So today the Chief of Whatsapp asked the Reserve Bank of India to write a letter to start the payment service so that the service can be started in India as soon as possible.

Why is the matter stuck?

Whatsapp has been testing its payment service for the last 2 years. So much so that after the recent events due to Fake News, something was not going well between the government and the Whatsapp, but now the company has come up with many important features to fight Fake News. These platforms are warning people about how to use Whatsapp Payment Service if there is a fight with Fake News. The company today said in advertisements in the newspapers that send the message not to rumors but to spread happiness.

What the Whatsapp chief said in the letter to RBI

Whatsapp has a total of 20 million users in India, the company wants to provide this service. In a letter to the RBI, the Whatsapp Payment Service chief said, "I am urging you to immediately sanction the payment transaction through Bhim-UPI to reach all the users in India. Give us an opportunity to improve the lives of Indian through digital empowerment and financial inclusion through usable and safe service. "

How Whatsapp Can Prone Another Payment App

Now the days went when we used to carry cash in our pockets. Now mobile wallet has arrived. With the help of which you just have to put money in it and transfer money through any code or number anywhere. This service is currently the choice of a lot of people, and at the same time, after the ban was started, many people started using these payment services in huge amounts. But the biggest question here is that if the Payment Service of Whatsapp Payment Service is approved in India, then how can this service be able to confront the 5 Big Payments Apes present in the country? Let's take a look at those payment service apps too.


Paytm is currently India's number one payment and the best service is to be liked by the people. This is the best payment app for Secure Transaction. So anyone can easily use this app to send money to get it. Paytm now has come with the Paytm Bank. In Paytm is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


mobikwik is an online wallet payment app, which can be added with the help of debit or credit card. Once you add money, it can be used for mobile, DTH, bill or other things. You can use this app without any hard cache comfortably.

Jio Money

Jio Money Wallet is a simple app. In this app, there are all options available to send Wallet Balance, Recharge, Money Transfer and Ship or Shop.


Oxigen is at the top due to its special scheme and offer. You can take money here and you can send it right there. With the help of this app, you can also recharge and bill. This app is quite safe because whenever you do a transaction, a 6 digit code gets on your phone, after which you can complete the transaction. The customer base of this app is 150 million. So this app is currently available only on Android.

State bank Buddy

With this mobile wallet, you can send money to new or registered users. You can also make movie tickets, flights, hotels or even shopping. There are also features of the recharge bill. This Wallet app is available in 13 languages. The app is available at the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Explain that the number of mobile wallet users in India is increasing day by day. At present, 200 to 250 million people use it in the country, or in the coming years, say that after the arrival of Whatsapp Payment Service, this figure could cross 500 million records.

If you start this payment service, you can risk these 5 apps. Because on one side where people can make money transfer or shopping only during chatting, they will get rid of opening a new app every time. This can prove to be beneficial for Whatsapp Payment Service, because on one side where many people in the country are using this app, then they will not be far behind when the payment service will be started.

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