Friday, 14 December 2018

Microsoft's foldable phone will come next year, open it like a book

Microsoft's foldable phone will come next year, open it like a book

Microsoft may launch its flagship phone, Andromeda next year. According to the experts, this phone of Microsoft could be similar to the phones displayed in Samsung's recent history. At the same time, the phone is expected to be similar to the forthcoming phone phones of the hawaii company. According to Tech Blogger, author of the Binith A Surface Book and, this phone from Microsoft will run on Windows version and will be similar to the company's earlier Windows Phone. According to him, this phone, which is called Andromeda, can be used by unfolded as a tablet.

Prior to this, Samsung is leading in the direction of phone making phone. The company showed a glimpse of its foldable phone at the Exhibition of Phones in San Francisco last month. The phone shown here could be opened like a book. This Samsung phone is likely to be launched next month and the company is expecting it to sell 10 lakh units. Huiyu and Oppo have also announced the introduction of foldable phones. Both of these companies have announced 5G support in their phones.

There is no new name in the world of Microsoft smartphones. In 2011, the company had entered into many Windows Phone markets by partnership with Nokia's leading phone maker Nokia. However, after coming into the Android phone market, Nokia's dominance broke rapidly and after that, Microsoft did not get its old image in phone making even after the company sold it in 2013. Microsoft later sold Nokia to HMD Global

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