Saturday, 1 December 2018

Know why the Google pixel 3 smartphone camera is the world's best camera

Know why the Google pixel 3 smartphone camera is the world's best camera

Some users of Google pixel 3 and pixel 3xL had recently faced some difficulty but now everything is fine for the company. So the camera of this phone is the best from any other smartphone camera in the world. The most important thing about the pixel 3 camera is that the camera of the other smartphone that can not perform the performance allows the camera to have a single lens of pixels. In a way, when using secondary lenses for brand depth effects such as Samsung, Apple and Huvaw, Google lenses use only single lenses. The portrait shots of pixels are far superior to the other smartphones.

Last year, Google used a software with pixels 2 and pixel 2XL to get this effect. But in a blog post Google has said that he uses single camera system for the depth. On Pixel 3, Google has turned on its machine learning tool for the best portraits shot, so that the depth can be detected and better results can be removed. Google said that he is training his machine learning algorithm, which could bring Deepth out further.

Another feature that Google uses in its camera is that with the help of semantic sign, the camera counts many pixels of a person's face, after which it is possible to find out how far the person is with the camera . With the help of data and hints, Google brings together all these things from machine learning, with the help of which you can get a great photo too with great depth.

Indeed, Google created its own custom francophone so that it could train the neutral network. The Rig used 5 pixels 3 phones which comes with WiFi based solutions. With this help you can take photos from every phone. It was also said that the photo was drawn after two milliseconds. The advantage of this is that when the rig was used, the quality of the photo was quite good.

On the one hand, while the smartphone industry is moving towards 4 cameras, Google is telling people with the help of their data and photography, that they can do great photography with just one single lens.

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