Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Watch now for free on your favorite movies on YouTube

Watch now for free on your favorite movies on YouTube

If you use YouTube, you have good news because you can now watch movies for free on YouTube. Earlier, if we wanted to watch a movie on YouTube, then we had either the option of buying it or we had to work through watching the old films but now you will not have to do it.

Actually the company has edited a new feature in YouTube so that users can view any movie for free without paying them. Let us know that YouTube is going to bring this feature soon, which will be known as Free to Watch. With this help, films will be seen for free. But in the meantime you have to see Ed also. According to The Verge's report, pop ads will be seen on YouTube free of charge, which will continue to be seen sometime during the movie. Google started this feature on YouTube in October. But since last week it has been implemented for users.

Actually YouTube has tied up with Hollywood Studios, where 100 movies have been included. But only Hollywood films will be included in this. This is not a work for Hindi films. However, Hindi films can also be included in the coming time.

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