Saturday, 10 November 2018

First 5g iphone 2020 will give knock

First 5g iphone 2020 will give knock

In the first 5G iPhones Intel Modem 8161 can be used and its cloud will come to the store in 2020. A report from the Fast Company has revealed this information. The report said that if everything was in line with the plan, then Intel would be the only company to provide the iPhone Modem.

Intel has been working on the previous model 8060 of 8161 for sample and testing of 5G phone. To increase the speed, Intel can make 8161 using its 10 nanometer process. Due to the early hot dispute, the 8060's performance created little tension between Apple and Intel, which enhanced temperature and damaged the battery's capacity.

Fast Company said on the basis of its sources that although Apple's current dispute with Intel is not enough to move Qualcomm to supply the 5G modem.
Apple has refused to comment on the report. The first 5G smartphone is expected to come by next year.

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