Wednesday, 28 November 2018

These women are earning millions of Dollars by selling their own sex videos and content on Snapchat

These women are earning millions of Dollars by selling their own sex videos and content on Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you share photos and videos with your friends. These apps are quite famous among the youth. Creating an account on this app is also easy. But there are many users who use the app and other things wrong. Something similar is happening with Snapchat. Now people are selling their sex content on Snapchat and earning a lot of money from it. A woman did something like that and she earned more than 3 lakh rupees within a month. But later on, his life was at stake, and he had to face many messy messages, comments and slanders online.

How do women earn money?

Snapchat is a platform where people sell their talents, photos, dance and songs. But there are many users, especially women who sell their personal videos or say sexual videos online. These users have given their name 'Snapchat Premium Girl' on this online platform. On this photo and video sharing platform, women have been earning between Rs 1800 and Rs 18000 per month. In fact, these women send sexually explicit content and sexual videos to their users, which they get money.

Explain that if Snapchat is able to catch all these things, then he immediately vanishes these things from his platform, while there are many people who have been doing this work for the past several years. A woman earning money on this platform said, "If I ever do such a thing or send my personal videos to someone, then I must note that her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account is valid. Only after this I accept people's request.

The woman further tells that but its losses are also many. 'I earn money but sometimes it happens when people cross their limits and make me cynical and unsound. It hurts me a lot. "

Explain that there are many sexually related videos on this platform that people are ready to pay for watching. There are many subscribers who are involved in this business day and those who do not know, they are now using this platform. But how dangerous it can be, it can only tell a victim woman.
In his statement, Snapchat said that he does not support any such content and removes it as soon as possible.

Another woman says that she has made Snapchat a platform that earns money but she never gets it from her clients. 'I am not a whore. I just do such a thing to earn money. I meet several thousand rupees for meeting a man but I refuse. I have no boyfriend for several months. '

About this case, founder of Revenge Porn Helpline Laura Higgins said that such women earn money first but later they come to us with their complaints. Includes threats, abuses, blackmailing and other things. But even then these women do not leave this job. They continue to work as long as they do not feel like they have not been created for this work now and they should do something else in their life.

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