Friday, 23 November 2018

Black Friday sales: Do not even mess with this message on Whatsapp click

Black Friday sales: Do not even mess with this message on Whatsapp click

If you are having a link with the name of the Black Friday cell on Whatsapp, do not accidentally open that link, because it may seem like you have lost thousands and millions of rupees. Black Friday is the largest cell at the international level. During this time, international websites sell many branded products at half price. But at present, no such cell is being organized in India. These cells are just happening in parts of the UK, Ireland and America. That is, you can not take advantage of this cell if you wish.

What is scam

In fact, with the help of this scam, some users have a link coming to their Whatsapp named Black Friday Cell. As soon as a user is clicking on this link, he is being shown a lot of good products which are from the cell running abroad. And it is being said that if they click on this link and make a purchase then they will be given this product to their house. Up to 90 percent of these products are being discontinued. The page then asks for your bank information.

After this, as soon as you give your information, your money is deducted, while there is also the increase of bank fraud. So always do shopping from the official website and do not get involved in such rigidity.
During the recent Big Billion Days of the Amazon in India, several messages were sent to the users' WhatsApp Where it was said that if you want to take Home Appliance you can get it at the price of just Rs. 10. But later got out and many people were cheated

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