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Redmi Note 6 Pro Review Some upgrades that make it the smartest smartphone budget

Redmi Note 6 Pro Review Some upgrades that make it the smartest smartphone budget

If you are the fan of Shaomi and you use this company's device then you will definitely be aware of the Redmi Note Series. Yes, whatever Shomei user is today, he likes this year's best budget smartphone, which is the Redmi Note 5 Pro. This phone has wreaked havoc in the Indian smartphone market that if the company has managed to sell the phone, then it is the best selling smartphone on Amazon and Flipkart. Why not In fact, the features which are so great are also available for just Rs 13,999

But for some days it was talking about its next version ie the Redmi Note 6 Pro. And finally, the day came for the Indian smartphone users, when the company took the screen off of this phone at an event in New Delhi. But the thing to think about here is that the company which organized the cell after a few days of its launch, why is it organizing a cell from today after the launch of tomorrow? Maybe the company now wants to make it the best smartphone. Well that is the company's own case. But does this phone really have such great features that make it the best budget smartphone? I know

The launch of the Redmi Note 3

On March 3, 2016, the world saw the Redmi Note 3, which was like a miracle. The device's design and performance was excellent. And after that the company did not look back and looked back. Shaomi was constantly making his smartphones and selling in India. As a result, today the company is India's number one smartphone company. The company has now significantly increased the reach of its smartphone in both online and offline areas. In which many new products have been included. It includes smart TVs, air purifiers, security cameras and other things. Where the company launched Redmi Note 5 Pro in February and now the company launched the Redmi Note 6 Pro in November.


The design of the phone is kept exactly like the Redmi Note 5 Pro. Where is Metal Finish Body. But talking about other honors, Oppo and Realm phones, this design has been a bit old. The phone's screen is a 6.26-inch full screen display that comes with Nokia. Power and other buttons are placed in the same place, while the SIM tray and audio port left and the sensors are placed at the top. While fingerprint sensor is in the middle.

The display

The phone's display is a 6.29-inch full screen display, while the glass has a corning Gorilla Glass. The color on the display is quite good. Those who do not like the likes of Notch, they can close the knock. The device supports full screen gestures.

The camera

Dual camera setup is given in the phone, which is in front and back. The back camera of the phone comes with 12 and 5 megapixels. Along with this, the Bukha effect has been given too. The phone performs well in low light. Many camera modes are given in the phone, in which short video, photo, pictures, panorama and manual mode are given.

The AI ​​scene detection feature is also offered in the camera which can recognize the 32 scenes like human face, text, book image and other things. If you talk about the front camera, then the phone comes with 20 and 2 megapixel camera. Portrait mode has been given in the selfie camera, which blurts the image. There is also Beauty Mode, which will not require you to use the editing software.

Performance and battery

The phone is Android version 8.0.0 which works on MI Global UI 10.0. Qualcomm snapdragon 636 SoC has been used in the phone, which was also in the Redmi Note 5 comes with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage .The phone can also be extended with the help of a micro SD card. The phone battery is big enough, which is 4000mAh i.e. you will not need to charge for 2 days.

Final Review

If you want an upgraded smartphone at affordable cost, then this is the best option for you. Fast processors want to buy this phone if your phone does not hang. If you are bothered by the battery and want a long battery, then this is your companion to travel. Photography is a hobby and a good camera is available in this phone too. The price comes after all the features, the price is leaving behind many smartphones in this case. That is, under 15 thousand, this phone has all the features that can make it the best budget smartphones this year or next. And of course we would definitely say that Shomei has given a user a strong phone with some great upgrades.

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