Monday, 1 October 2018

Talking for half an hour on the phone can cause brain tumor

Talking for half an hour on the phone can cause brain tumor

Smartphone is a gadget that is not present to anyone nowadays, life seems to be incomplete. Due to the use of smartphone and its needs which gives it a place in our lives that we may never want to delete. But now the smartphone is becoming dangerous for you. Even though we are unaware of this, the system inside us is saying that using a lot of smartphones can take your life.

Brain tumors may occur

There are many disadvantages of smartphone usage where you have an impact on your eyes, not sleeping overnight, gadget adjectives and other things. But now even more is coming out where it is being said that if you talk to your smartphone for half an hour by putting your smartphone in the ear, then after 10 years you doubly the possibility of getting a brain tumor. Professor Girish Kumar of IIT Mumbai has claimed this on the basis of a recent study. He said, "I have recently spoken to several ENT experts in the country and have published the report.

It was also mentioned in the study that the number of patients of deafness and brain tumor is increasing. Most people in the latest survey have admitted that talking to the mobile for a long time causes the ears to get hot. Talking on mobile for 20 to 30 minutes, microwave radiation enters the body, causing blood of ear lobe to warm. The blood temperature increases by 1 degree Celsius. The problem of headache begins with talking over the phone for more than half an hour. After this, symptoms of the last phase of brain tumor appear.

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