Monday, 29 October 2018

OnePlus 6T Launch: Why this battle will now be OnePlus vs Apple

OnePlus 6T Launch: Why this battle will now be OnePlus vs Apple

The biggest battle in the world of technology is that when a gadget from a company hits another company's gadget. Or you can say this opportunity comes even when the two companies have the same launch date. Yes, this is going to happen in some Apple and OnePlus events too. On the one hand, while Apple is going to launch its MacBook on October 30, OnePlus also had the launch date of its upcoming Smartphone OnePlus 6T. But the company has now changed this date to 29 October. Today the phone will be launched in New York at 8:30 pm Indian time, then on the same day in New Delhi, this phone will be launched in India at 8:30 in the morning.
But in the meantime, will it also be seen whether it will be the phone that will clash up to Apple? Let's look at

First time OnePlus launches in the US

The Chinese smartphone maker has already made its place in the Indian market, but now the company will launch its first phone in the US with T-Mobile.

Most Apple events are held in the Capitorno of California

Apple organizes the event once a year, which is being done at the Spacish Campus of Coupartins. Recently, in the month of September i.e., the company just launched its new iPhone models. The other event is being organized in New York. Please tell that this is the place where events of OnePlus are also being organized.

OnePlus VS Apple

If you look in India, you will find that OnePlus is currently No. 1 in the premium smartphone segment. So Apple number 3 there. But now in the US, after the entry, can the two companies get a tough competition? At the end of the day, OnePlus is a great smartphone, which is also quite famous.

Samsung is also in danger

For many years, a phone that has always been competing against Apple is Samsung. Yes, this South Korean tech giant has competed against Apple several times in the US. But now where OnePlus is fully prepared to enter the US, looking at one thing, it can be said that Samsung can be threatened further.
OnePlus is also threatened by Apple
When OnePlus changed its launch date, the world thought that the company was afraid of Apple, so he does not want to launch his phone the same day Apple is doing. At the same time, the company reduced its lent date one day by looking at it.

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