Friday, 24 August 2018

Whatsapp refused to accept Indian government's demand

Whatsapp refused to accept Indian government's demand

Whotsp Response

WhoseSpe has refused to develop software to find out the message source on its platform. The government had demanded such a technology from the company, which he has turned down.
The government wants that WootSpeep develops such a solution that can trace the originals of spreading false and false messages. Remember that many cases of murder by the mob due to the messages sent through WootSpeep and some rumors have been reported in the country after the government sent two notices to the company. In this regard, a spokeswoman of Whatsapp said that creating such software will affect the message from one end to the other and affect the personal nature of whatsapp. By doing so, it will create more chances of misuse "We will not weaken our security."

He said that people are dependent on exchanging all kinds of sensitive information through whitsapp. Whether it is her doctor, bank or family member. The spokesperson said, "Our focus is on working with people in India and educating them about wrong information. The sources of the Ministry of Information Technology said that the government is emphasizing that the whitespace should continue to technically seek out so that in case of spread of some kind of inflammatory messages, its Source can be traced.

Ministry wants to be serious about Whatsapp Fake message

Whatsapp refused to accept Indian government's demand The source said that the ministry also wants the company to think seriously about compliance with Indian laws. At the same time, the company will appoint a compliant officer with its extensive network. Apart from this, the Ministry is also insisting that WootSpeep establish a local corporate unit in a time bound manner according to Indian laws. During the last few months there has been a spread of several fake messages from the Forum of Whatsapp, which has resulted in the killing of people by the beating of the crowd in India. The company is facing criticism for this.

Whitsap chief Kris Daniels met Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Information Technology this week. Prasad had told the reporters that the government has asked to set up a local corporate unit from Whitsaep and develop a technology solution to detect faked message sources. Along with this, Prasad also appreciated the contribution of Facebook's company Whootspe's digital story to India. Daniels had refused to comment after the meeting. There are general elections to be held next year in the country.
The number of whitespace users in the world is 1.5 billion. India is the largest market for the company. There are more than 20 million people who use WhatsApp.

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