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Toll Free number of Aadhaar, is cyber attack?

Toll Free number of Aadhaar, is cyber attack?

Toll Free number of Aadhaar, is cyber attack From Friday morning, there has been a debate among people about their privacy. Helpline Number 1800-300-1947 is being saved in the phonebook of the users without their permission base. On this, the UIDAI, the monitoring agency of the base, has offered to clarify that no number of this number has been saved on their behalf nor did the telecom companies have been instructed to do so. When the dispute grew, the Telecom Association (COAI) issued the statement saying that no telecom company has saved this number from the customer's phone book nor does it have much to do with service provider companies.
Now, when both the organizations have broken their backs when the number is saved by default, the biggest question is who is going to access the phone book of people. No phone user has any idea about how much of their personal devices are being accessed and how their contact list is being tampered with? At the same time, it is also necessary to get the question that even when access is made in the Phonebook without permission, the other personal data can be omitted easily. For example, your photos, chat, messages, call details, etc.

This is a cyber attack

Cyber ​​Expert Pawal Duggal told ABP News that this is a new kind of cyber attack in which Android phones have been used. It is intimidating people that any person's information can be targeted through phone. It is in the very early stages, so to say that how much damage will be a little difficult, but it will affect people's contact. At the same time, the information related to the people who have given these numbers as correct and given their information will also be in danger.
It is an example of a new type of cyber crime to be the number of Aadhaar card numbers. This is the result of the basis on which the official of the Government of India had challenged the past. This is a kind of alarm for the people of India, so that they can be alert now. The entire Eco system of the base is unsafe. The public government claims that the base is secure. This claim is false, since the base has become compulsory since then it is more unsafe. The law is not even right about the base, to which people will know what steps they can take in the wrong circumstances.
Use the base from your senses, do not share the Aadhaar numbers with anyone, do not put it on the Internet, and this is also a punishable offense under the law of the law, do not rely on fake messages, do not share information with anyone.

What is possible to access

If UIDAI and COAI do not know how the default helpline number of the people in their phones has been saved, and these two organizations have nothing to do with it, then it is a matter of concern to even more people. If your unauthorized phonebook is accessing, it will be easier to find other phone information too.
Many personal phone calls, private photos, call logs, number of conversations, number of conversations can be mobilized by phone and it is also very easy to tamper with. If this happens, then all your information can be brought to the public domain in one stroke. What can be done via data? It has recently emerged in the Facebook data leak dispute. Facebook has also acknowledged in front of the US Senate that Facebook keeps track of users from phone galleries to call history and every touch and scroll.

Fundamental Rights attack

The leaders also questioned the dispute over the number of people who saved the Aadhaar numbers in the people's phone book. Congress MP Hossein Dalwai said, "Today the matter came in the House that the chairman of the base had challenged by publishing his base number but somebody put some money in his account. Most of these reveal something is wrong. They should see the government. ''
MP Pappu Yadav said, "Who is doing this, it means there were doubts in the society about Aadhar card. They are coming out. Is this not a fundamental right attack, the government takes it seriously ''
Socialist MP Neeraj Shekhar said, "It is a very serious matter. In the House I have questioned that the data of the public is being sold for five hundred rupees. This can affect the election. "
Aam Aadmi Party Sanjay Singh said, "The government wants to keep data from the base. Again, the government claims that there is no danger to the base. Now the government should answer this incident. "
UP Government spokesman Siddhartha Nath Singh said on this, "The government will curb whatever complaint is in the UIDAI case. "

How safe is the base

There has been a number of questions about the security of the Aadhaar and the government has been saying about its security that the base data is safe in the wall of 13 feet high. The glimpse of how safe the base is, the country got last week when TRAI chief RS Sharma's personal data was hacked through a data base number hacked to the public.
In fact, Chairman RS Sharma, along with his base number, challenged Twitter on Saturday. He wrote that now anyone has shown this number misusing and leaking personal information. After this, the French Security Expert Elliott Alderson (@ FSOC 131Y) publicized his personal knowledge through Sharma's base number. It included Sharma's address, birthdate, phone number, WhatsApp profile photo.
This made it clear that how easy it is to steal information through the base and how secure the base data is in the 13 feet high wall

UdIDAI and COAI refuse

A toll free helpline number of the Aadhaan is being saved from the people's phone since Friday morning. On this whole issue, cellular operators Association India has issued a statement, COAI has made it clear that telecom service provider companies have nothing to do with the number of UIDAI which is being saved in the people's phonebook. . The number of users is not being saved in the phone book from any service provider company.
On the other hand, on the other hand, UIDAI has tweeted that in the media report it is being said that people of the 1800-300-1947 numbers are being saved without their permission. It is being given the helpline number of the base. We make it clear that 18003001947 UIDAI does not have toll free number. Trying to mislead people is being tried.
He further said that UIDAI has not asked any telecom service provider to provide such numbers to the people. Our Support Helpline number is 1947, which is currently active. UIDAI once again clarifies that we did not direct any telecom company or mobile company that the 1947 number from the phones of the people would be automatically replaced by 18003001947.

How did this matter start?

On Friday morning many thousands of smartphone users were shocked when they saw the troll free number of the base authority UIDAI in the contact list of their phones. This number of UIDAI's toll free number has suddenly been saved by default in many smartphone users' phones. Users on Twitter have questioned this auto-saving. After all how can UIDAI access the contact list of people?
In fact, the 1800-300-1947 old troll-free number of the base has been replaced since 1947. These numbers were suddenly saved in the phone of many thousands of smartphone users this morning. A Twitter user responded by saying that I did not save this number. But I got worried when checked.
Cyber ​​Security Expert Mr. Robot asked the question on UIDAI on Twitter that a number of users of the UIDAI's toll free number has been saved in the smartphone of many users this morning. All this happened when a user's phone did not have the mAadhaar app installed, can you give me information about it?

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