Sunday, 5 August 2018

This image can be harassed by clicking on this image sent on Whatsapp.

This image can be harassed by clicking on this image sent on Whatsapp.

Online is a world where any unaware person can make you a victim of harassment and harassment. This is possible because no one takes any online privacy seriously today. Blackmailing or harassing someone online is a big crime, which can be punished. But there are many people who are stuck in the trap of some people who do not follow this information, who chase them and trouble them. This also threatens users to kill them
A blackmailer or parish person makes a story. Where you are easily trapped in his trap and without giving him any knowledge, you give him his full information. After which, he collects all the information and creates a game to trap you.

How do they work

This image can be harassed by clicking on this image sent on Whatsapp.You will receive a message from the name of an unknown person, who will be given an image with a link, and will write that if you open it, you will know about the government's new scam, or if you open this link, Or you can get this coupon After this, the user is forced to open this link and after opening, he realizes that there is nothing other than a funny image in it. In most cases you either delete that image or link and do not worry about it. But you are also trapped right there because the person gets to know about your location through that link

Behind-the-scenes game

The troublemaker makes a masked link with the help of multimedia file. Which is created with the help of an IP logger client. With the help of a normal Google search, you can find many IP logger websites that always keep popping up. After this, the user sends you a link with the help of WhatsApp or SMS, which is in the form of clickbase. As soon as you click that link, the person gets all the details of your IP address. After this, the person who knows your location with the help of your IP address

Measures to avoid this

Before clicking any link, think carefully about what the link is and how it came in. For this you can use where the original link can be unmasked whether it is an IP logger or not.

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