Tuesday, 20 November 2018

OnePlus' 5G smartphone will launch, priced more than OnePlus 6T

OnePlus' 5G smartphone will launch, priced more than OnePlus 6T

When OnePlus launches its 5G smartphone, the price will be more than 6T. Yes Yes this report has been disclosed by Fudzilla. Shenzhen-based company can launch this phone for Rs 53,023. This means that if you buy 5G smartphones, then you have to pay 8,171 rupees for this. If you talk about the recently launched OnePlus 6T, the phone costs Rs 44,861, where you get only 4G.

However the price of incoming 5G phones is not surprising. Because the company will launch 5G smartphones in the market, the Snapdragon 8150 processor will be given in the phone, which will come with the Snapdragon X50 cellular modem. Explain that if any company makes 5G phones in the coming time, then its cost will be much higher, which means the phone is expected to be expensive.
OnePlus has already announced that it will be the first company from those companies which will bring 5G phones in 2019. However, the name of this 5G phone has not been disclosed to the company at this time. But it is definitely said that the phone can be launched in the middle of the year. Last month, in Hong Kong's Qualcomm event, the company's founder Karl Pai had said that the company will be launching in the 5G smartphone market next year.

According to a report by CNET Spain, the company's first 5G smartphone will launch the new series. The new smartphone will come with OnePlus 7 This means that onePlus 7 can be given 5G support.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Now you can watch videos together with your friends on Facebook, some will do this feature

Now you can watch videos together with your friends on Facebook, some will do this feature

In a recent report, it has been revealed that social media giant Facebook is working on a feature where you and your friend can watch the video together on this platform. It will be possible in such a way that both are sitting in the same room. Although this feature will be rollout on Facebook Messenger, not on Facebook's platform.
According to TechCrunch's report, Facebook is already testing 'Watch Video Feature'. The Facebook spokesman confirmed this feature and said that it is currently being tested. However, no information has been received about when this feature will be rollout.

Let me tell you that this feature was first spotted by Ananya Arora who took some screenshots of code that included 'Tap to Watch Together Now' and 'Chat About the Same Video'.
According to the code, the user will not be notified when the friend will send an invoice to watch the video. With the help of this, both friends will be able to watch the same video at a time and even chat while sitting in their own home.

Let's say that this month Facebook launched its new video app, which has its collision with Popul Ap Tic Talk. The name of this app is lasso. With the help of this app, you can share videos with small format, with the help of filters and special effects.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Instagram App will tell you how much time you spent on the platform

Instagram App will tell you how much time you spent on the platform

About 3 months ago in the month of August i.e. Facebook and Instagram had announced the new activity dashboard feature where users can now know how much time they lost on these social media platforms. Today, Instagram has started rolling out this feature which is being known as 'Your activity'. You can see this feature in the right side of the icon.
This feature is exactly like Google's Digital Velbing and Android Pie. On the same time like Apple's screen time on iOS 12. Now how much time you spend on one day in Instagram, these features will give you this information. Let's say that these features can be seen only on iOS at the moment. This feature has not been seen on Android. But it can definitely be said that it will come on Android even after some time.

The dashboard will tell you how much time you spent on the app in a day or a week. Although it will be for some devices only. Like if you are using this app on Android or iOS, then you will show the time spent on this device.

When you tap and hold the Blue Bars, you will see this one day's time. Explain that you will also have the option of setting a daily limit here. The purpose of this feature is for users or net addictions that are not able to get rid of this addiction. Using social media consistently affects your health and your mind. So now it will be a thing to see how it works on your Internet addiction.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Facebook messenger got this great feature of Whatsapp, now everyone can delete messages

Facebook messenger got this great feature of Whatsapp, now everyone can delete messages

There will be 10 minutes to delete any message from Facebook Messenger.Facebook Messenger has started rolling out a new feature which includes the Delete option for everyone for 'Remo for Everyone' i.e. This feature is also being known as 'Ansseand'. Prior to this feature, it was said that the work is going on right now but now it has been officially rollout for users of Bolivia, Poland, Lithuania and Colombia.

This new Facebook Messenger feature is available on all iOS and Android platforms. That means you will now have 10 minutes to delete any message. At the same time, it was being said that Facebook removed Mark Zuckerberg's conversations without informing other users. But then later Facebook acknowledged that the manager Ripley of Mark Zuckerberg was removed so that he could work on another feature.

Let us know that this feature with message delete for all is currently rollout only for a few users, but in the coming time it will be made available to all users. For this feature, users will have only 10 minutes where they can delete it.

This feature was first used in WhatSAPE, which was launched last year. With the help of this feature, users of WhitesAP could delete their message within one hour. But on the Messenger this limit is only for 10 minutes.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

First 5g iphone 2020 will give knock

First 5g iphone 2020 will give knock

In the first 5G iPhones Intel Modem 8161 can be used and its cloud will come to the store in 2020. A report from the Fast Company has revealed this information. The report said that if everything was in line with the plan, then Intel would be the only company to provide the iPhone Modem.

Intel has been working on the previous model 8060 of 8161 for sample and testing of 5G phone. To increase the speed, Intel can make 8161 using its 10 nanometer process. Due to the early hot dispute, the 8060's performance created little tension between Apple and Intel, which enhanced temperature and damaged the battery's capacity.

Fast Company said on the basis of its sources that although Apple's current dispute with Intel is not enough to move Qualcomm to supply the 5G modem.
Apple has refused to comment on the report. The first 5G smartphone is expected to come by next year.

Whatsapp brought new sticker feature, learn how to use it and download

Whatsapp brought new sticker feature, learn how to use it and download

Instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, recently launched its most popular and new feature. The feature has been launched for Android and iOS. Now users can send stickers during the chat with the help of new features. The latest feature comes with latest updates. Although the company has also come with its sticker store for users, from which users can download many stickers. With the help of this feature, users can remove the previously downloaded sticker and download new stickers.

So if you are wondering how to use this feature then be it some steps:

What is the necessity

WhatsApp version 2.18 and above

Internet connection should work


First of all open WhatsApp on your phone or web

Then select the contact you want to send the sticker to.

Now click on the smiley icon

After this you will see three options before smiley, then gif and then sticker icon

Now select your favorite stickers from the sticker icon and send it to your friends

How to download

Open WhatsApp and select contact

Click the stickers and press the '+' icon

Choose which sticker pack you want to download

Click on download now.

Click the Delete button to delete.

Note: Apple users can select the sticker box from the right corner of the text box.

The Whitsap Sticker Store currently has a set of 13 stickers in which cuppym Salty, Komo, Bibimbap Friends, Unchi and Rollie, Shiba inu, The maladroits, koko, hatcj, fearless others are already