Wednesday, 19 December 2018

India ranked 111th in mobile internet ranking,fast internet service

India ranked 111th in mobile internet ranking, while 65th place in fixed line broadband

fast internet service,India has achieved 111th position in the mobile internet speed in 123 countries, in terms of fixed line broadband internet speed, it has been ranked 65th out of a total of 126 countries. This ranking was disclosed under the SpeedTest Global Index, November 2018, which has been reported through Ookla,fast internet service

fast internet service,India's rankings are slightly lower in the global average speed global and average speed. Global broadband internet's global average download speed is 24.40 Mbps. Where India gets 9.93 Mbps speed On the other hand, the speed of global fixed-line broadband is 52.16 Mbps, where India receives only 26.46 Mbps.

In the year 2018, India has been ranked 109th in the mobile internet, while 67th place in broadband case. During this period, the average Internet speed was 9.01 Mbps, which was 9.93 Mbps in November last year. There was an increase in broadband where the last year was 20.72 Mbps, while the speed now is 26.46 Mbps,fast internet service
This report covers 3333 different user test results, including broadband and test of 670 mobile internet users.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Microsoft's foldable phone will come next year, open it like a book

Microsoft's foldable phone will come next year, open it like a book

Microsoft may launch its flagship phone, Andromeda next year. According to the experts, this phone of Microsoft could be similar to the phones displayed in Samsung's recent history. At the same time, the phone is expected to be similar to the forthcoming phone phones of the hawaii company. According to Tech Blogger, author of the Binith A Surface Book and, this phone from Microsoft will run on Windows version and will be similar to the company's earlier Windows Phone. According to him, this phone, which is called Andromeda, can be used by unfolded as a tablet.

Prior to this, Samsung is leading in the direction of phone making phone. The company showed a glimpse of its foldable phone at the Exhibition of Phones in San Francisco last month. The phone shown here could be opened like a book. This Samsung phone is likely to be launched next month and the company is expecting it to sell 10 lakh units. Huiyu and Oppo have also announced the introduction of foldable phones. Both of these companies have announced 5G support in their phones.

There is no new name in the world of Microsoft smartphones. In 2011, the company had entered into many Windows Phone markets by partnership with Nokia's leading phone maker Nokia. However, after coming into the Android phone market, Nokia's dominance broke rapidly and after that, Microsoft did not get its old image in phone making even after the company sold it in 2013. Microsoft later sold Nokia to HMD Global

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Xiaomi Redmi 4, Redmi 4A starts to meet MIUI 10 update

Xiaomi Redmi 4, Redmi 4A starts to meet MIUI 10 update

Shaomi launched Redmi 4 and Redmi 4A last year and has not forgotten about its device yet. Both devices are now getting updates and the device will change over time. Now Shawmi has started updating these two devices ie Redmi 4 and Redmi 4A users.

The new OTA update comes with MIUI and 316MB. These updates are for Redmi 4. At the same time, if you talk about the Redmi 4A, this device gets MIUI NCCMIFI update which is 268MB. Both work on Android 7.1.2 OS.

So if you have to check whether you have these updates, you need to go to Settings- About Phone- System Updates- Check for Updates. If you do not have the update then you can download MIUI 10 Global stable ROM from MIUI's website.

Update Link Is Hare

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Samsung Galaxy J8, the cost reduction in Galaxy J6 +

Samsung Galaxy J8, the cost reduction in Galaxy J6 +

The new year is going to start one month later and smartphone companies are also getting ready for this thing. Where you can buy new devices in exchange for your old device. The prices of Vivo Y7i and Vivo Y81 have recently been cut. So the prices of Samsung Galaxy J8 and Galaxy J6+ have also been cut.

According to Mumbai based Mahesh Telecom, the new Samsung Galaxy J8 and the Galaxy J6 + new price of Rs 15,990 and Rs 14,490 The Galaxy J8 was launched as the first budget device in India, which comes with Infinity Display design. Its price was Rs 18,990. While the Galaxy J6+ was launched at a price of Rs 15,990. Galaxy J6 + can be bought from Samsung's own e-shop, while the Galaxy J8 can buy from the online platform at a price of Rs 17,990.

Specs of the phone

Infinity display design has been used in both phones, which was first seen in the Galaxy flagship series. The plastic body that has been used in the Galaxy J8 comes with Qualcomm Octa Core Snapdragon 450 chipset. The 6-inch Super Amoled display has been used in the phone.

The phone comes in two storage variants. The first is the base model which comes with 3GB RAM and 32 GB storage, while there comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. Dual rear camera setup has been used in the Galaxy J8, which comes with 16 megapixel main sensor and 5 megapixel secondary sensor. The phone also has a 16 megapixel selfie camera which comes with LED flash. The Galaxy J8 has a 3500mAh battery. The phone comes in black, gold, blue and purple color.

The Galaxy J6+ also has a 6-inch LCD display that comes with HD + resolution 1480 × 720 pixels. Snapdragon 425 SoC has been used in the phone, which comes with Adreno 308 GPU, 3GB RAM or 4GB RAM and 32 GB and 64 GB storage. Dual rear camera is also used in the phone, which comes with 13 megapixel main sensor and 5 megapixel secondary sensor. The front of the phone has an 8 megapixel shooter camera that comes with LED flash. The phone comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE and Mounted Fingerprint sensor. The phone comes with Android 8.1 ORIIO and 3300mAh battery

Whatsapp Payment Service

Whatsapp Payment Service

While WhatsApp was just a messaging app earlier, the messaging platform is now becoming an app where new features are being added daily. Now on this app you can do video calls, calls, stickers and other important things in addition to the message. So today the Chief of Whatsapp asked the Reserve Bank of India to write a letter to start the payment service so that the service can be started in India as soon as possible.

Why is the matter stuck?

Whatsapp has been testing its payment service for the last 2 years. So much so that after the recent events due to Fake News, something was not going well between the government and the Whatsapp, but now the company has come up with many important features to fight Fake News. These platforms are warning people about how to use Whatsapp Payment Service if there is a fight with Fake News. The company today said in advertisements in the newspapers that send the message not to rumors but to spread happiness.

What the Whatsapp chief said in the letter to RBI

Whatsapp has a total of 20 million users in India, the company wants to provide this service. In a letter to the RBI, the Whatsapp Payment Service chief said, "I am urging you to immediately sanction the payment transaction through Bhim-UPI to reach all the users in India. Give us an opportunity to improve the lives of Indian through digital empowerment and financial inclusion through usable and safe service. "

How Whatsapp Can Prone Another Payment App

Now the days went when we used to carry cash in our pockets. Now mobile wallet has arrived. With the help of which you just have to put money in it and transfer money through any code or number anywhere. This service is currently the choice of a lot of people, and at the same time, after the ban was started, many people started using these payment services in huge amounts. But the biggest question here is that if the Payment Service of Whatsapp Payment Service is approved in India, then how can this service be able to confront the 5 Big Payments Apes present in the country? Let's take a look at those payment service apps too.


Paytm is currently India's number one payment and the best service is to be liked by the people. This is the best payment app for Secure Transaction. So anyone can easily use this app to send money to get it. Paytm now has come with the Paytm Bank. In Paytm is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


mobikwik is an online wallet payment app, which can be added with the help of debit or credit card. Once you add money, it can be used for mobile, DTH, bill or other things. You can use this app without any hard cache comfortably.

Jio Money

Jio Money Wallet is a simple app. In this app, there are all options available to send Wallet Balance, Recharge, Money Transfer and Ship or Shop.


Oxigen is at the top due to its special scheme and offer. You can take money here and you can send it right there. With the help of this app, you can also recharge and bill. This app is quite safe because whenever you do a transaction, a 6 digit code gets on your phone, after which you can complete the transaction. The customer base of this app is 150 million. So this app is currently available only on Android.

State bank Buddy

With this mobile wallet, you can send money to new or registered users. You can also make movie tickets, flights, hotels or even shopping. There are also features of the recharge bill. This Wallet app is available in 13 languages. The app is available at the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Explain that the number of mobile wallet users in India is increasing day by day. At present, 200 to 250 million people use it in the country, or in the coming years, say that after the arrival of Whatsapp Payment Service, this figure could cross 500 million records.

If you start this payment service, you can risk these 5 apps. Because on one side where people can make money transfer or shopping only during chatting, they will get rid of opening a new app every time. This can prove to be beneficial for Whatsapp Payment Service, because on one side where many people in the country are using this app, then they will not be far behind when the payment service will be started.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Despite this off of Blue Tick, this secret method of WhatsAp will now tell you who reads your message..

Despite this off of Blue Tick, this secret method of WhatsAp will now tell you who reads your message..

Since whatsapp ticks has come into our lives, our way of negotiating has changed. Group chat, sharing picture, message time, all this has now joined our chat. All of these features are recovering day by day, and with the help of new updates, What's See is also changing.

The biggest update in this messaging service is that if you send messages to anyone, if Blue ticks come, then we know that if the person reads your message or not, then on Gray Tic, Do not know if your sent message has been read or not. Some people like this feature, so there is nothing to do. But if you are thinking that after blocking the blue tick, your message will not be able to read anymore, so let's call you a trick today, with the help of which you will be able to recognize who reads your message whatsapp ticks.

If you have to check who has read your message then you should first send a voice message to that contact. As soon as the user listens to your voice message, the blue tick will turn on, so you will know that the person has read your message. Let us know that Whatsapp has already announced this fact that the group does not work in chats and voice messages when closing Reed Receipts. At the same time settings can not even go off it. Whatsapp has always given new features to its users. It has recently been given the option to include the deleted message back.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

War of Whatsapp against Fake News, ads run on TV,whatsapp news

War of Whatsapp against Fake News, ads run on TV,whatsapp news

Social networking app Whatsapp, who is accused of misuse, launched its first television campaign in India on Monday as part of its efforts against inflammatory rumors and false information. The popular messaging platform had earlier launched two-stage radio campaign to spread awareness among users. The first phase of the campaign began on August 29 in 46 radio stations of All India Radio (AIR) in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

The second phase of the campaign started on September 5 on 83 radio stations in Assam, Tripura, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. For the TV campaign, Whatsapp said that he worked with filmmaker, Shirish Guha, to create three films of 60-60 seconds, which show the scenario of possible rumors spread among the users.

The Facebook-owned platform said that the movies, which are just before the assembly elections in Rajasthan and Telangana, will be available in nine languages ​​on TV, Facebook and YouTube. Bosco Zubayga, who created these films for Whatsapp said, "We are happy with the effect of whatsapp in connecting people with their loved ones, and we also believe that due to the association of people, misinformation spreads. . "

In some cases, some incidents of massacre in the country have also declined in some cases of spreading misinformation on the messaging platform of 200 million users in India, after which the government had to give strict message to the company. In August, Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad met the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WhatSpeed ​​Chris Daniels in August that the platform should run according to the rules and take appropriate steps to prevent its misuse. Zubayga hoped that this campaign will help people to be safe on Whatsapp.